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Your Optical & Magnetic Data Storage Media Specialists!

Prism Magnetics, Inc. is an international manufacturer/distributor of optical and magnetic data storage media products and accessories for those products. With 35 years experience in the magnetic media market, Prism provides our customers with 3.5" diskettes, CD-R & CD-RW products, audio cassettes, video cassettes and computer accessories. Our job is to bring you high quality Prism brand products and unique packaging options that make your selling job easier. Prism serves the consumer Office Products, School, Government and College Bookstore markets.

Prism is dedicated to supporting our customer base with fast and friendly customer service, great products and excellent delivery. We view our customers as partners, not just another number in our account list. Our sales force, from our inside folks to our national network of representatives, is knowledgeable and ready to help you make decisions on products and programs at any time.

We design Prism optical and magnetic data storage products for commercial dealer sales, retail sales and government sales. Prism develops new products at a rapid rate to support the ever changing magnetic media market place and can help you keep in step with the accessory and media markets. If you have a special need for a special packaging or data storage media product, please contact us and we may be able to provide you with these items.



Our additional services include:

You business is important to us! Call, E-mail us, or use our online contact form for more information on what Prism can do for you.


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**PHONE: (714) 871-0123
**TOLL-FREE: (800) 233-3338
**FAX: (714) 871-0186


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