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Optical Mice & Keyboards


u-Scroll Mini Notebook Optical Mouse USB
Ideal for notebooks. USB plug and play compatible. Programmable scrolling button, compact size, ready for windows 98, 2000, ME & XP. Includes carrying case. (INLAND)
Item Number:  03106 Suggested Retail:   $11.50 Carton Quantity:  10


USB Optical Wireless RF Super Mini Notebook Mouse
USB interface with wireless working distance of 5 ft. Uses AAA battery. Compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, or XP. (INLAND)
Item Number:  12004 Suggested Retail:   $29.99 Carton Quantity:  20


u-NAVIGATE Black Optical Mouse USB
Plug and play format with curved design for comfortable grip. Three keys including wheel button for easy browsing. (INLAND)
Item Number:  03100 Suggested Retail:   $9.95 Carton Quantity:  20


u-NAVIGATE Wireless Optical Mouse Cordless
High resolution 800 dpi with RF wireless technology. Suspend mode for power saving. 3-button ergonomic mouse with scroll wheel. PC compatible and ready for Windows Me, 2000, XP and 2003. (INLAND)
Item Number:  03102 Suggested Retail:   $24.99 Carton Quantity:  20


Pro Keyboard PS/2 Black
108 key with tactile key touch. Keyboard typematic: adjustable 7 speeds. Key travel: full travel 4.2mm PS/2 compatible. (INLAND)
Item Number:  03103 Suggested Retail:   $11.95 Carton Quantity:  10


u-TOUCH Wireless RF Keyboard with Optical Mouse
104 key wireless keyboard and optical mouse uses radio frequency technology. Wireless operating distance 10' for keyboard and 5' for mouse. (INLAND)
Item Number:  03104 Suggested Retail:   $44.95 Carton Quantity:  10



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