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Arrow12E3.gif (4190 bytes) ... PRISM MAGNETICS, INC.
... 1950 E. Chapman Avenue, Suite 1
... Fullerton, California 92831
... ATTN: Order Service

PHONE: (714) 871-0123
TOLL-FREE: (800) 233-3338
FAX: (714) 871-0186


TERMS: 1% 10 NET 30
MINIMUM ORDER: $100 (Orders under $100 subject to $4.95 handling charge)
FREIGHT: F.O.B. Fullerton, CA. Orders will be prepaid on $500 or more net invoice to one destination, one shipment in the Continental U.S.A. Carrier will be chosen by Prism on Prepaid Shipments.
PRODUCT RETURNS: No product returns will be accepted at Prism Magnetics without prior return authorization.
SHIPMENT CLAIMS: Do not accept in-transit damaged cartons unless damages are noted on delivery receipt. If number of cartons does not match packing list, also note on delivery receipt. All claims for in-transit damages and shortages must be filed by customer with the carrier.
All products have a UPC Number and Barcode printed on the packaging, except those products designated as bulk.  The complete 12-digit UPC number for every Prism product can be calculated using the following formula:  Prism's Master UPC Number 723155, the item number, and the check digit.

Example:  The 12-digit UPC Number for Prism's MC60 Micro Cassette (Item #30101) is as follows:

Master Number 723155 + Item Number 30101 + Check Digit

The check digit can be found by entering the 11-digit number (master + item numbers) in the Check Digit Calculator on the Universal Code council's website at:

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